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Thailand – A Quick Visit

140211Y&KWe have been visiting Thailand for the past 20 years so it was great that Yvonne and I could visit again. We were able to┬áhave a holiday for the first few days in the beautiful Mangosteen Resort at Rawai in Phuket. It was great to relax, read and swim in such a lovely location. This was Yvonne’s first visit to Phuket but Kevin had been there a number of times on mission visits, the first in 1995.

Mangosteen Resort
Mangosteen Resort

Many of our friends questioned us going when the country was under a military junta. However, life goes on and Thailand has always had their way of control the issues. This is a country that has not been ruled or influenced by any colonial power.

Our posts on this blog will highlight some of the memories during our time in this beautiful country.