Interesting Historical Church Developments in Phuket

Since becoming involved with people in Thailand, Kevin has had an interest in the Christian mission work associated with CB churches.

In 1995 when Kevin first visited Phuket for a mission conference he was introduced to Mr Arnold Clarke, the son the pioneer missionary, Mr A.G. Clarke to China.

Christian Assemblies begin in Thailand

Christian Assembly - Talang Street, Phuket
Christian Assembly – Talang Street, Phuket

Arnold Clarke was born in China and was imprisoned because of the cultural revolution. On his release he had to leave like many missionaries and he went to Australia. In 1954 he went to Thailand and started his ministry in Phuket using the Chinese language amongst Chinese because many of them had also moved there because of the unrest in China, also using translation into the Thai language.

The Sea Gypsies (Urak Lawoi) get some Attention

David and Doreen Hogan had gone to Thailand from Australia in 1957 and moved to Phuket in 1965 and began to make contact with Sea Gypsy (Moken) peoples along the coasts eventually concentrating on the Urak Lawois peoples. Doreen was a New Zealander.

The Urak Lawoi are a sea-nomadic people who have used these lands and islands along the Thai coast for centuries. Public knowledge about them is very low and little knowledge is known of them. The Thai Government continues to give them status and legal occupancy of the land they have lived on. Like many traditional cultures they face the challenge of maintaining their traditional practices and preserving their way of life which relates closely to the environment they live in.

Urak Lawoi Boats

Stephen and Raewyn Pattemore went to Thailand in 1984 to work alongside Raewyn’s parents, David and Doreen Hogan, in church planting, pastoral care, Bible translation and literacy. The Urak Lawoi’ New Testament was completed in 1997 and printed and distributed in April 1998.  Psalms and Proverbs were published in 2011 in a diglot version with Thai. Currently consultant checking on the Old Testament historical books is nearly complete in preparation for publication.  This one family has provided this marginalised people group with God’s precious word in their own language. They have also made a significant contribution in raising awareness of their plight and the preservation of their history and artefacts.

The Hogan/Pattemore story is inspirational.